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Latest E-commerce Package Promotion:
Only at Rm7,999.00

(normal price worth RM 16,230.00)
(no hidden cost)

  • Professional website Design with 2 mock up and 12 pages (worth RM5,000)
  • Customizable E-commerce Solutions (worth RM7,000)(MS ACCESS database)
    • Administrator module
      Manages the entire website including system access management of members and database management
    • Promotion module
      Automatic listing of products on offer in "specials" category
    • Advance search
      Allows users to search for products quickly
  • One year unlimited maintenance (worth RM1200)
  • One year e-commerce hosting with MS ACCESS database (worth RM1200)
  • One year email hosting with webmail which build in firewall and anti-virus/anti-spaming software (worth RM700)
  • Domain name for one year (worth RM130)
  • Our clients with similar feature: www.luke11nine.com ; www.aloysiusflorist.com.sg and etc for more info please visit http://www.akyweb.com/portfolio-ecommerce-ecatalog.htm
  • FREE listing and banner advertise in www.singaporeseek.com & www.sgsearch.com (worth RM1000.00)


For further information please email to info@akyweb.com

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce essentially covers all online activities aimed at inducing Internet users to purchase products and services online. If your company is planning to have an e-commerce site, then we can help you and provide you with the solution that is right for you. Our e-commerce solutions are designed to give you full control over your web site content, products, prices and promotions by utilizing some of our custom-made web applications. Included :-


Front End - Visitor interface

  • 'One click' buy now! shopping.

  • Advance search allows users to search for products quickly

  • Auto placing of new products in front page (your website stays fresh with new updates and keeps customer coming back for new items)

  • Product image enlargement

  • Automatic listing of products on offer in "specials" category (Customers looking for bargains will love this section with price discounts)

  • List products by manufacturer (e.g, customer can search by brands)

  • Enquiry form to email included

  • Allow users to be informed on products of interest when it is available

Back end Admin Module Features  

                  Manage Your Product Category

  • Add, edit, delete categories and sub-categories

  • Add, edit, delete product images via uploads

  • Customise product options eg colour/ size/ model variation

  • Able to give "special offer" discount promotions automatically

  • Able to track stock level
    Customer Account

  • View value of customer's orders

  • View, update and track status of customers orders (eg. pending, processing and delivered)

  • Auto calculate delivery charges if any

  • Auto calculate GST if needed

  • Auto generate invoice online for print out

  • Able to handle customer login accounts

  • Able to handle customer "forget password"
    Marketing Tools

  • Most popular product view

  • Most active customer

  • View who's online


  • Link product information to external/ additional webpages or product specs

  • Allow users to write product reviews

  • Displays user's review of your products

  • Many types of payment methods eg. C.O.D, Worldpay, Credit Card etc


EMAIL TO info@akyweb.com to find out more!!!!!


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