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Auction (3 parties - Administrator, Seller and Buyer)

  • CMS
    The Content Management System allows you to change the About Us, Site Announcements, and Terms HTML using an online editor.

  • Skin Variations
    The standard skin now has color variations you can change without needing to know HTML!

  • Reporting
    From the admin control panel you can now access reports such as site Statistics, Outstanding Accounts, Top Sellers, Revenue, and Users Online.

  • Advanced Search
    Users can now fine tune their searches with a number of new parameters including custom item fields!

  • Restrict Outside Sellers
    Change the entire website to only allow the site owner to sell.

  • Membership System
    The extremely flexible membership system allows for monthly, annual, and lifetime memberships. Options include many discount levels, item limits, and pricing.

  • Q&A Messaging System
    Now when users ask the seller a question it is posted to a message board on the listing page where the seller can publicly reply!

  • Start Date and End Date
    Optionally the administrator can now allow seller`s to choose the exact start and/or ending date of an item. You can also decide if future listings will be displayed before they are open for bidding.

  • Optional Proxy Bidding
    Proxy bidding can now be turned off.

  • Bulk Feedback
    The system scans for what auctions need you to leave feedback for other users.
    * SQL Server support only

  • Bulk Relist
    Relist and organize your listings all in one location.
     * SQL Server support only

  • Sniper Protection
    You can optionally set that an auction is extended by X minutes when a user places a bid within X amount of time from the end of the auction.

  • End Auction Early
    Sellers can end auctions before the end date.

  • Browser Image Upload for Logo

  • Automatic Category Counts
    All category item counts are fully automatic with no performance decrease.

  • Delete User Function

  • Email Disable Options
    Options for each user to disable/enable each type of system email that is sent out.

  • Many more design and performance tweaks
    Too many to list here!

  • BulkLoader
    The bulkloader application (XML) allows you and your users to enter and store item listing inventories offline and bulk upload them to the auction website. Even custom item fields and all images are uploaded with a single package!

  • Browse Page
    The new browse page is a new way for your users to navigate auctions.

  • WorldPay Support
    Accept payments with WorldPay!

  • Relist Similar Item
    List items easier with all of the previous options filled in from one of your existing items!

  • Fee Ranges
    Change final sale or posting fees depending on how much an item sells for.

  • Profiles
    Allow your users to attach an HTML profile link next to their username.

  • Storefronts
    Users can create their own storefront complete with logo, HTML description and their own category style listings. Optional monthly and setup fees can also be applied!

  • Direct B2C Sales
    Direct B2C Sales allows you to sell your own items directly to your users as if it were a standard storefront!
     *Compatible Merchant Account/Gateway Processor required.

  • Full Language Translation
    The translation code has been completely rewritten to allow the website to be translated by editing a single text file.

  • Full Thumbnail Creation
    real thumbnails are automatically created for all images uploaded.

  • Dynamic User Fields
    An advanced admin feature that allows the administrator to create additional user fields without any programming!

  • Custom Field Category Groups
    Attach custom item fields to category groups to allow only specific fields based on the category selected.

  • Time Zone Display
    Easy time zone change for the displayed time if the server is located in a different time zone.

  • New Email Templates
    For sending invoices and emails designed for selling more than 1 item at a time.

  • Trade Sale Type
    Sellers can now choose to accept offers of items for trade with a complete messaging system built in.

  • Batch Payment Processing
    A billing option that automatically charges the balance due on selected user`s monthly invoice!

  • Multiple Currency and Conversions
    A new currency and conversion system that can display multiple currencies at once! A new international admin interface allows the admin to add/change/delete currencies and conversion rates.

  • Dynamic Item Fields
    An advanced admin feature that allows the administrator to create additional item fields without any programming!

  • Item Counter
    An optional graphic item counter that comes with 2 styles to choose from.

  • View Seller's Other Items
    An item detail page link that displays all of the other items that a seller has posted for sale.

  • Forgotten Password Retrieval
    The user can enter their email address to have their password sent to them.

  • Old Item Cleanup
    A new admin feature to help cleanup old and closed items.

  • Renew Listing
    A new option for the seller to renew their listing with a single button click!

  • Seller Item Edit
    Sellers can make changes to their items after logging in. Immediately charge or add the new costs to their invoice.

  • Multiple Image Uploading
    Thumbnail display allows pictures to be enlarged or viewed individually. Control the maximum number of pictures allowed, the number of free images, and the fee to charge for each picture.

  • Fixed Price Auctions
    Buyers can purchase an item or items immediately using "buy it now".

  • Classified Ads
    Pricing is determined by the number of words in a description and can be charged weekly with discounts and optional flat rate packages.

  • PayPal Payments Accepted Upfront
    In addition to credit cards via Authorize.Net, PayPal Payments are now optionally accepted before posting an item.

  • Automatic Item Re-listing
    Users can choose the number of times they would like their item to be posted if it does not sell.

  • Banner Rotator
    Complete setup through the admin panel and keep track of impressions and clicks for each banner.

  • PayPal Payment Link for Sellers
    Sellers may optionally enter their PayPal address to add a payment link to their auction item.

  • Add to Watch List
    Registered users can bookmark items to their watch list.

  • Mail This Auction to a Friend
    Users may use the built in email feature to send item links to their friends.

  • Improved Searching
    Search for auction items by Item or Seller.

  • Auction Type Display Icons
    Optional icons are displayed next to each auction title to show the auction type.

  • Logo Graphic
    An optional graphic URL is available to easily add your own logo to the site.

  • Discount / Promo System
    A discount code generator encrypts a user email address with a customizable discount level to give the user an automatic % off when selling items.

  • Catalog thumbnails
    Users who supply pictures and choose the gallery option now have an additional advantage with their item's thumbnail shown directly in the listing!

  • Dutch Auctions
    In addition to standard auctions, users may now choose to sell multiple items dutch style!

  • Buy It Now
    An optional selling preference where the user can choose to purchase the item at a set price.

  • Real Time Auction System
    Calculates winning bidders and triggers email events using Proxy Bids.

  • Full User Accounting/Billing
    Customizable fees for everything from posting an item, to extra features that users can pay for! Online user payments can interface with PayPal or accept checks.

EMAIL TO info@akyweb.com to find out more!!!!!


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